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How the Raffle Works

The Super Raffle

After draw 175, we'll stop the Reverse Raffle for our Super Raffle. The Super Raffle consists of three amazing prize packages. Event Staff will come around with $5 tickets and when all tickets are sold, three winners will be chosen. The first winner drawn chooses first, followed by the second winner drawn. The third winner drawn claims the final remaining Super Raffle package.

The Last 10 Standing

After draw 190, the last ten remaining ticketholders have the option to team-up and divide the prize or go it alone. Ticketholders in the last ten who are not present are unable to participate in this process. Alliances are formed and sometimes broken as the chance to win the grand prize of $3500 gets closer and closer. Do you risk it all and stand alone, or do you split it and walk away a winner without the full prize? The choice these players face is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat!

The Losers Drawing

Even the losers have a chance to win again! If your ticket number is called, bring your losing ticket to the front of the room with $5 to enter the Losers 50/50. After all 200 tickets are drawn, we'll pull a number from the losing tickets that were signed over and that ticketholder will receive 50% of the Losers Drawing pot.

The Reverse Raffle

In a traditional raffle, the prize goes to the first ticket drawn. In the Reverse Raffle, the suspense builds all the way to the end as it's the last ticket to be drawn that wins the grand prize of $3500! Other cash prizes will be awarded on the way to the end, giving all ticket holders 16 opportunities to take home a cash prize. If your ticket loses during the drawing, you may enter the Loser's Drawing 50/50 that happens after all 200 tickets are drawn. SImply sign your ticket over to the raffle staff with $10. Your ticket could be the lucky loser that takes home half of the Loser's Pot!

Disclaimer: In the event that not all 200 tickets are sold, the raffle will revert to a 50/50 drawing.

Side Raffles

Two amazing packages will be won by purchasing squares on a board. Buy as many $10 squares as you want. Squares are available for purchase as soon as the doors open and will end once there are no squares remaining. Winners will be announced as soon as the boards are full.

During the main Reverse Raffle, a different prize will be available after every 25 draws. Event Staff will come around with tickets available for $5 each and you can purchase as many tickets as you want to be entered in to win the package being offered at that time.

After the 150th and 175th draw, you could win one of two Reverse Raffle tickets that were left out of the drawing for a chance to win the grand prize of $3500. These tickets are not sold prior to the event, and offer anyone in attendance the chance to get into the drawing for a cash prize. Purchase $5 raffle tickets and enter to win one of the last two remaining Reverse Raffle tickets.